Software license prices 2016 (EURO) excl. VAT 


Product Price Service*
MC Start 660,00 118,80
MC Next 1600,00 288,00


* Pricing for a service contract is based on 18% of the software license prices.


For license prices in US Dollar, please contact us.




The products makes use of the most advanced software technology available today. As the technology improves, so does our software. Your registration fee enables us to keep it at the forefront of technology, so that you continue to benefit from the productivity gains it gives you.

As a registered user, you will receive:

• A license to use the latest release of the software. This will be sent to you (CD-ROM & HASP® Dongle).
• Technical support by e-mail, or through the mail, at no charge, for at least 30 days.




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