On this page you can download the latest versions of our software. All programs below are free to try, and we encourage you to build your projects to your total satisfaction before making your purchase. The 30-days trial version is not limited or different in any way from the full, purchased version. When the evaluation period has ended, make sure that you have the appropriate licenses, otherwise you cannot launch the application anymore. If your not sure, please contact us.


Download MC Start 2023     Download MC Start 2022


Download MC Next 2023     Download MC Next 2022



License Manager

To run our software, you must be in possession of the correct license(s). In order for your system to read this license correctly, the license manager must be installed on your system. This license manager is included as standard in our setups, so normally you do not have to install it separately (again). However, if you experience problems with your license, it may be useful to run this installation again using the latest version of the license manager.


Download Latest License Manager



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